Haven of Hope Retreat

Are you a mom that has lost a child and the thought of going to a "retreat" scares you silly? I mean this is the greatest hurt you have or will ever feel so how in the world can you go and put yourself out there to share that deep dark feeling with anyone especially people you do not know.  That is a very valid concern and I have been there so let me share my experience with you. 

I lost my two children and my father in a train accident 14 years ago. I was single mom at the time so when I walked back through my door my house was indescribably quiet. My son Josh was 8 and my daughter Jennifer was 7 when they died so quiet was not something I was use to. I felt so alone and like nobody could comprehend what I was going through. Everybody else had lives that continued as mine came to a screeching halt. I was alone. A couple of months after their death my associate pastor called me and told me about a ministry called Umbrella Ministries that did conferences for moms who have suffered the death of a child and asked if I wanted to go. My initial answer was no. I had the same feelings I described above. But some circumstances came up that changed my mind and I decided to go, even if I just sat by the pool all weekend. 

When I arrived I decided to see what this was all about and entered into the room with 70 other moms who got it. I did not have to explain a thing. I could cry, I could laugh , I could be mad, I could be me a grieving mom! It was so comforting to be among others that  understood in a place that I could say Joshua and Jennifers'  names. 

That is what I hope Haven of Hope can be for you. It is scary but it was so worth it. I promise you will not regret coming.


Susan Gray